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For sale: Toika Eeva computer loom

Toika Eeva computer loom with 24 shafts in like-new condition. Stored and used in clean and dry environment and in perfect working order.

Options / accessories include:

* control unit EW24W

* cog wheels x 2

* double warp beam

* double back beam

* full set of heddles for 24 shafts plus spares

* three reeds - 40, 50, 60

* dedicated computer with WeavePoint 7 installed and licensed

* bench

Asking price: $18,000

This is a pick up item. The computer is box requires careful handling and the loom is large (1.6m x 1.6m fully assembled). The loom is currently located in Helensburgh, between Sydney and Wollongong. I would be very happy to transport it to Canberra myself – but would appreciate assistance with dis- and reassembly.

Contact Marion: or 0407 957 727.

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