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Julie Ryder: Embroidered Maps

Julie Ryder is a textile designer who has gained international recognition for her work that incorporates natural dyes, screen-printing, embroidery and mixed media.

In 2022 Julie undertook a Craft ACT/National Parks residency in conjunction with the

National Library of Australia. She spent three weeks researching maps at the NLA, and three weeks living in Namadgi National Park along with two other artists-in-residence, Bev Hogg and Mel Robson. Julie’s interest was in embroidered maps of the 18th and 19th centuries and their contribution towards women’s education. She was also interested in the possibilities of mapping “unseen” elements within a landscape and the ideas of the contested space. The resulting exhibition, ‘Boundaries’ will be exhibited at Craft ACT from 23 March – 13 May 2023.

Look for a booking discount code in the next issue of the Canberra Draft!

Join the Friends for this special presentation, in-person at the Library and live-streamed via Zoom. For more information and bookings see the National Library of Australia website.


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