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Our library collection includes over 1,600 books and a few

DVDs. In addition, we maintain current magazine

subscriptions to: Handwoven; Journal for Weavers,

Spinners and Dyers; Ply; Selvedge; Shuttle,

Spindle & Dyepot; Spin-off; VAV and Yarn.

All of these subscriptions are received as print copies

that may be borrowed. Electronic copies of selected titles

are emailed to members.

We also hold incomplete print sets of Australian

Handspinner and Weaver; Complex Weavers Journal;

Interweave Knits, and Knitters.

Our major collecting areas are handspinning, loom and

off-loom weaving, tapestry weaving, and rug-making.

The minor collecting areas are (in alphabetical order)

basketry, dyeing, feltmaking, knitting, and textiles in general.

Recent additions July 2024 Purchased by CSW 746 CRA Crafting textiles … from the Bronze Age to the early 17 th century 746.12 MEY Yarn spinning handbook 746.14 BRI Art of weaving 746.14 ESS Easy weaving with supplemental warps 746.14 GRE Krokbragd: how to design & weave 746.14 JAR Rigid heddle weaving: basics & beyond 746.14 NIC Amazing circular weaving 746.14 PAW Tablet weaving for beginners 746.14 WEA Handwoven tape … early American & contemporary 746.14 WOO Crazyshot! … on the rigid heddle loom 746.27 ASH Passementerie 746.27 HAN Learn to lucet 746.27 SPA Handwoven decorative trim … passementerie 746.27 SPA Make your own cord & trim 746.3 IVE Tapestry with pulled warp 746.412 WOO Finding form with fibre … basketry 746.74 STE Hook prod punch tuft Donated by Susan Hays 667.26 CAN Dye plants & dyeing 746.14 CHA Beginning four harness weaving [DVD] 746.6 BRA Surface designer’s handbook 746.6 WEL Fabric dyeing & printing Donated by Lisa Molvig 746.62 TRE Annie Trevillian: Handprint … selected works 1983-2006 746.664 AME With the flow against the grain Donated by Ann Parkinson 746.14 KRO Ashford book of weaving patterns from 4 to 8 shafts Other donations 746.14 BOW Four-harness weaving 746.14 SMI Bauhaus weaving theory 746.432 ALL Lace style 746.432 MYS The classics: fisherman knits 746.434 SHR Supersize crochet … using super chunky yarn 746.72 KAU Navajo weaving tradition: 1650 to the present

How to use the catalogue

The catalogue is online at the Library Thing website.This is a database listing the classified items in our library. The usual style setting for the catalogue is Member which lists the call number, a cover photo, keyword tags, title and author for each item.


The catalogue may be searched by author, title, keyword or Dewey Decimal number. Type a word or words into the box labelled Search this library located at the upper right of the screen, then click Search.

The results will indicate what items meet your search criteria. The catalogue is a listing only -- it does not and cannot include circulation information.

How to borrow

The library is available whenever our rooms are open to members. The library is closed to visitors during scheduled workshop sessions. Timetables for our many interest groups and meeting dates may be found in our calendar or on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Our library is self-service and runs on the honour system. When the library is open, members may borrow up to four (4) items for a one-month period with an additional one-month renewal possible (except for new items which may not be renewed) but only two (2) of these may be books or DVDs.

The maximum number of loans that a borrower may have checked out at any one time is:

  • 2 books/DVDs and 2 magazines, OR

  • 1 book/DVD and 3 magazines, OR

  • 4 magazines


To borrow, please clearly write your name and the day’s date on the card inside each item and put the card(s) in the orange box on the library desk. Returned materials should be placed in the blue box for library staff to card and shelve.

The library has been managed by a qualified librarian since 1989. The CSW committee sets an annual budget and members may suggest items of interest. To contact the librarian email

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