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Our library includes over 1,200 books and DVDs plus magazines including Felt, Handwoven, 

Interweave Knits, Ply, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, Spin-off, VAV, and Yarn.
The major collecting areas are handspinning, loom and off-loom weaving, tapestry weaving, and rug-making. The minor collecting areas are (in alphabetical order) basketry, dyeing, felting, knitting, and textiles in general.
All materials have been classified using the Dewey Decimal System, the same system that is used in most public libraries.
The catalogue is online at the Library Thing website. You can view recent additions to the library below. Please use the Library Thing link to search and view more information about titles.

How to borrow

Our library is self-service and runs on the honour system. When the library is open, members may borrow up to four (4) items for a one-month period with an additional one-month renewal possible (except for new items which may not be renewed) but only two (2) of these may be books or DVDs.
The maximum number of loans that a borrower may have checked out at any one time is:    

  • 2 books/DVDs and 2 magazines, OR

  • 1 book/DVD and 3 magazines, OR

  • 4 magazines

To borrow, please clearly write your name and the day’s date on the card inside each item and put the card(s) in the orange box on the library desk. Returned materials should be placed in the wire basket on the desk for library staff to card and shelve.

The library has been managed by a qualified librarian since 1989. The CSW committee sets an annual budget and members may suggest items of interest. To contact the librarian email

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