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About us

Canberra Spinners and Weavers is an active organisation with monthly members' meetings, regular drop-in sessions, annual studio sales and mostly annual exhibitions.  Our AGM is held in March.

The first meeting of the ACT Branch of the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Australia was held in 1966.  Over time there have been several name changes as well as incorporation as an association.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2016,

culminating in two very special exhibitions during


As part of our anniversary celebrations, Canberra

Spinners and Weavers received a Canberra Gold

Award from our Chief Minister as a recognition of

our commitment and community contribution over

the last fifty years.

Next time you are near the new suburb of Whitlam,

ACT, catch a glimpse of Baas Becking Street!

What a lovely acknowledgement of Solveig

Baas-Becking's contribution to the art and craft

history of Canberra.


From left to right: Monique van Nieuwland, Miriam Nauenberg, Barbara Stanilewicz, Liz Perry, Fay Skyring, Helen Hamilton, Susan Weisser, Pam McDougall, Jenny Hall.

Committee members 
  • Janet McDougall (President)

  • Leigh Casley (Vice President)

  • Jean Lombard (Secretary)

  • Nina de Caritat (Treasurer)

  • Necia Agnew (Workshop manager)

  • Susan Chen (Equipment manager)

  • Liz Jarvis (Demonstrations manager)

  • Elizabeth Croft (Committee member)

  • Teresa Morey (Committee member)

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