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3-dimensional weaving

Intermediate to Advanced ( Experience weaving double weave layers an advantage)


Weaving often deals with effects to manipulate the single flat plane of a cloth, but what if you expanded, pushed and pulled that plane? Handweaving offers many opportunities to explore and design the 3-dimensional plane, taking cloth to another level through specialised multi-layered techniques. Learn how to increase and reduce the surface area, merge different sequences for exciting effects, and create fabrics that pop out of the plane. Participants can expect to produce a range of samples and take new techniques with them to continue their explorations.


Melanie Olde is an experimental weaver with professional experience in art, production weaving, research and teaching. In addition to a BA (visual) and her current MA, Melanie has studied nationally and internationally and is a compulsive researcher. Her artistic practice involves researching cellular structures for form, function and array to interpret these in biomimetic moving 3-dimensional cloth, advancing innovative exploration. She regularly exhibits and publishes nationally and internationally. She recently won first place in consecutive international complexity weaving exhibitions, presented and exhibited at Bridges Mathematics/Art Conference in Helsinki, Finland, gave lectures and workshops in New Zealand and has recently taught at ANU Art School.

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